We help Nigerian hospitals increase efficiency and revenue.

Offline-first web and mobile-based hospital management system that is cost-effective and simple to implement.

Curacel Health patients record

Reduce administrative costs

Declutter your office. Save staff hours of filling out paperwork and tracking down information.

Curacel Health financial record

Increase Revenue

Be more productive, see more patients and make more money

Curacel Health improve patient outcomes

Improve patient outcomes

Easily accessible, up-to-date patient information helps clinicians diagnose patients, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care

Built for emerging markets

Affordable and easy to use electronic health information management system for clinics in developing countries.

Curacel Health works offline

Works without internet

Web and offline application that works when you are offline and synchronizes your data when you have internet.

Curacel Health built by physicians

Built by experienced physicians

Was built from a deep understanding of clinical workflows.

Curacel’s team understands the Nigerian healthcare market and clinical workflows. Our simple implementation processes make data migration and getting started easy.


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We help users solve these problems

Ineffiecient workflow caused by moving paper files from office to office in the medical facility.

Medical errors from misinterpretation of handwritten records.

Multiple entry of the same information at different points in the clinics.

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