What Curacel Is Doing About COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, Every business is been busy figuring out how to keep their staff safe and their business operating.

At Curacel here are some of the things we did.

COVID-19 Resourcing

We converted our random channel on Slack to a COVID19 resource channel, team members started sharing news updates and resources about COVID19 for other team members.

It became one of my main sources of information on what was happening. It gave us a sense of awareness even in the early days of the outbreak.

By the time saw the risk profile in Nigeria rising, we provided sanitizers for every team member and started discussing remote work at the management level.

Social Media Sensitization

Having the right knowledge in this season could save lives, in an era of fake news. We decided to do our bit in helping put out the right information out there.

Our marketing team came up with graphics and video content to sensitize people on social media.

Which we published on our company channels as well as individual channels.

Transition to Remote Work

We have fully transitioned our full team to remote.

We still hold our daily stand-ups, but now we do it using Google Hangouts.

We have always been a digital first company, all our communications typically happen on Slack or in person.

So it wasn't top difficult for us to make this transition.

Allowance for Power, Internet & Stock-up

Also in bid to help our team be better prepared and keep being the best they can be even at the time of this global crisis, Curacel is providing an allowance for getting internet, power and support for stocking up.

Provision of Curacel at no cost for HMOs and hospitals

It is projected that a lot of patients will access care during this period and hospitals will send the Paper Claims to health insures as they usually do.

This is one scenario we all want to avoid so you do not endanger insurer or hospital staff to the Corona Virus.

With Curacel, insurers & hospitals can still collect and process claims in these dire times.

In fact, they can increase their Claims Processing efficiency by 65% and save up 45% of their previous cost.

Learn More on how Curacel helps health insurers/HMOs

We are providing our platform at no cost for the next 2 months to new partners (insurers & hospitals) who because of the ongoing pandemic wouldn’t want to endanger their staff.

The future of work is Smart Work.

Innovative technologies like Curacel will help ensure that insurers and their partners can operate during crisis periods such as this and still stand up.

Are you a health insurer or hospital and you wanna take your claims off paper start HERE.

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