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Curacel Grow helps you easily embed insurance into your products and platforms to build trust and increase customer loyalty.
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Embedded Insurance
A fully integrated platform
We bring together everything that’s required to embed and manage insurance within your product.
Advisory + Technology + Compliance
Curacel Grow powers embedded insurance for fintechs, logistics tech , e-commerce businesses, and everything in between.
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Give your company the Curacel advantage
Increase Revenue
Benefit from revenue sharing, increasing ARPU to grow your top ánd your bottom line.
Improve Customer Retention
Adding insurance protection to your products is a great way to show customers you care about their safety, build trust and keep customers coming back
Increase Engagement
Increase customer engagement by providing personalized, context-aware coverage options, streamlining the purchasing process, and enabling cross-selling opportunities, which collectively enhance user interactions.
user-friendly APIs & tools
We pay attention to every detail so your teams don’t need to stitch together multiple systems or spend months integrating Insurance functionality.
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What are customers saying?
"Curacel enabled us to give our customers peace of mind and increase customer confidence."
Mosope Owasanoye
"Curacel's onboarding process was really fast- One of the fastest integrations we've done at ShipBubble."
Jordan Ajibola
infrastructure Across the insurance value chain
Health Claims
Process 10x more health insurance claims through automation with little to no human intervention.
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Health Detection
Detect and curb fraudulent insurance claims and save 20% of revenue currently lost to FWA.
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Auto Insurance
Speed up auto insurance claims, assessments and payouts through an AI powered process.
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Grow Travel
Get insurance tailored to your clients’ travel needs in minutes. Select travel plans from the best insurers in the business and get your travel insurance policy instantly.
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