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Curacel Grow gives Fintechs, Loan companies and their customers across Africa access to tailored digital insurance offerings such as Credit Life, and Value-added services such as Auto and Gadget Insurance to drive usage, revenue and customer retention. 
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Digital Insurance for Credit Companies in Nigeria
Trusted by the fastest growing brands
Digital Insurance for Credit Companies in Nigeria
Drive Usage, Revenue & Loyalty
Curacel Grow is designed to help Fintechs, Credit Startups and loan companies in Nigeria meet the needs of their young upwardly mobile target audiences with personalized digital insurance products across online channels

Our AI-powered embedded insurance API helps you buy, sell and claim insurance on your mobile app or website making you the customers’ top choice for all finance needs.
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Why choose curacel?
Pan African Reach
Our expansive insurance underwriter network and infrastructure across Africa enables you to switch between African markets without all the hassle of finding integration and negotiating terms with multiple insurers or brokers in different countries.
Easy Claims Processing
With our AI-powered insurance management software, insurance claims can be submitted and processed in real time making it easy for your team and customers to enjoy the benefits of their insurance policies.
Customer Centric Approach
Our key focus is to ensure your customers' satisfaction and peace of mind. Our core business is in making your experience with insurance the very best it can ever be!
Increase Transaction Volume
By embedding insurance in your Fintech and credit products, you provide increased value to your customers and in turn, grow usage, sales and revenue.

With Curacel Grow, you can monitor these transactions and insurance claims in real-time and be on top of the numbers.
Digital Insurance for Credit Companies in Nigeria
Expand to new markets
We help you expand to new markets across Africa by extending your product offerings to include on-demand digital insurance services on your website, mobile apps and social platforms.
Curacel Grow empowers you to attract new customers, including digital-native young Africans, that seek insurance protection for their lives, businesses, assets and gadgets.
Digital Insurance for Credit Companies in Nigeria
Grow with Your Customers
Our insurance offerings are powered by a robust AI-technology that covers key parts of your business including assets, loan transactions and human resources. 

Curacel Grow is also designed to intelligently fit and adapt to the growing diverse needs of your business and customers across demographics in all socio-economic classes in Africa and emerging markets.
Digital Insurance for Credit Companies in Nigeria
What are customers saying?
"Curacel Grow enabled OZE reduce uncertainty that comes with business loans."
Adekunle Yusuf
"Curacel's onboarding process was really fast- One of the fastest integrations we've done at ShipBubble."
Olufemi Adeyinka
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