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Smart Reconciliation with AI
Say goodbye to tedious manual reconciliation! Curacel Pay uses AI to seamlessly match payments with policies and claims, drastically reducing errors and providing crystal-clear financial insights.
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Digital Insurance for Credit Companies in Nigeria
Why Curacel Pay?
Streamlined Claims Processing
Ditch the paperwork chase! Curacel Pay automates claim disbursement, guaranteeing fast and accurate payments for your customers.
Enhanced Cash Flow
Give your customers the flexibility they deserve. Curacel Pay lets them pay premiums through various channels, boosting your cash flow and making the process a breeze.
Seamless Integration & Security
Integrate Curacel Pay effortlessly with your existing systems for hassle-free workflows. Plus, our robust security safeguards your financial data, giving you peace of mind.
End to End Security Guaranteed
With advanced encryption and multi-layered safeguards, you can be confident your financial information is secure when you use Curacel Pay. We handle the security so you can focus on making payments with ease.
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Digital Insurance for Credit Companies in Nigeria
Digital Insurance for Credit Companies in Nigeria
Maximize productivity
Reduce back office and BPO administrative expenses by consolidating into one comprehensive solution integrated with your existing technology.
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What are customers saying?
"Using Curacel has made it a lot easier to receive, vet and process claims. It has also helped in providing transparency between us and our providers."
Dr. Sobodun Abdul-Hakeem
"With Curacel, we have increased the number of processed per day by 4X and a better relationship with our providers"
Biodun Adeyemi

Curacel Pay vs Others

The Insurance 1st Payment Solution

Curacel Pay


Claims Software Integration
No Claims Integration
Advanced Approval Workflows
Simple Approval Workflows
Multi-Currency Support
Single Currency Support
Instant Settlement
Future Settlement
QuickPay Claims Advance
No Cash Advance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Curacel Pay a Bank?
No, Curacel Pay is not a bank. Curacel Pay is a fintech application specifically designed to streamline healthcare payments between insurers, providers, and patients.
What types of payments can be processed through Curacel Pay?
Curacel Pay handles all the essentials, premium payments from policyholders to insurers, claim reimbursements flowing from insurers back to providers, and even patient co-pays or deductibles.
How Safe is Curacel Pay?
Curacel Pay keeps your information safe. We use top-notch encryption methods and follow strict industry standards like PCI DSS and HIPAA.
How does Curacel Pay integrate with existing insurance or healthcare systems?
Curacel Pay offers API integration to connect seamlessly with your existing systems. This allows for automatic data flow, reducing manual work and errors.
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