Detect Fraudulent Insurance Claims 12x Faster

Curacel's Claim Detection is an AI-powered insurance fraud detection SaaS that identifies and prevents fraudulent insurance claims 12 times better than in-house detection systems and resulting in approximately 25% lower payouts.
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Digital Insurance Fraud Detection Software in Africa
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Curacel's Claim Detection is a powerful, artificial intelligence-based insurance fraud detection solution delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It helps insurers identify and prevent potentially fraudulent insurance claims, performing up to 12 times better than any in-house fraud detection systems and resulting in approximately 25% lower payouts.

With Curacel Detection, insurers can view a comprehensive list of vetted claims, with indicators for flagged claims, falsified medical history, exaggerated loss, faked incidents, etc., all on a single, user-friendly dashboard. This makes it easier for claims handlers to conduct thorough quality assurance..
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Why Curacel's Claims Detection?
Digital Insurance Fraud Detection Software in Africa
Efficient Cost-saving
Achieve cost-saving and optimize payouts by eliminating fraudulent insurance claims and waste by at least 20%.
Digital Insurance Fraud Detection Software in Africa
No More Claims Backlogs
Our AI-driven insurance fraud detection software speeds up your adjudication and claims vetting process by 90%.
Digital Insurance Fraud Detection Software in Africa
No Process Change
Curacel’s Claims Detection software works in your backend by seamlessly integrating with your existing system, hence no need for new learnings or process change.
Digital Insurance Fraud Detection Software in Africa
Accurate Claims Vetting
With accuracy of up to 99%, our claims detection will automate your claims vetting resulting in a 12x faster process with less human errors.
Digital Insurance Fraud Detection Software in Africa
Improving technology
Our AI technology keeps learning and improving to make your claims processing better and faster as you grow with Curacel.
Digital Insurance Fraud Detection Software in Africa
Customizable system
Curacel's Claim Detection is fully customizable and can be adapted to how you operate as a business with the aim of optimizing your processes and reducing costs.
What are customers saying?
"Using Curacel has made it a lot easier to receive, vet and process claims. It has also helped in providing transparency between us and our providers."
Dr. Adekoya Tokunbo

Frequently Asked Questions

No initial investment required. You pay as you go, and only pay for what you use. It enables you to scale your health claims operations without incurring unnecessary cost.
Is it an ERP?
Curacel's health claims management system is more than an ERP or CRM. You are enabled to automate and optimise your operations and gain valuable insights into your claims data for better decision making.
Integrating with the Curacel’s health claims management API is swift, with an on-time support at every stage, unlimited. And at no extra cost. Our system gives your team a quality time to value. 
To ensure the security and protection of your data, we have implemented several measures including:

1. Encrypting all data transmitted between our systems and your devices with SSL encryption and AES 2048-bit keys.

2. Detecting and preventing unauthorized access to our systems with intrusion protection.

3. Protecting against DDos attacks, which could disrupt the availability of our servicesIsolating different functions and data through a compartmentalization architecture.

4. Automating security tasks with the use of Amazon Macie to detect potential security risks in our data stores.
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