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Curacel partners Are bridging Business and Insurance gaps with Our Products
Take a look at how our customers use our products to grow their businesses, cut costs and accelerate the insurance process.
How Topship scaled their insurance distribution service with Grow
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Findrex switched to Curacel Grow for more travel insurance options
Findrex is a travel agency that specialises in travel bookings, tours, hotel bookings and experiences for corporate clients.
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Curacel helped Shipbubble increase their numbers by 6x
Shipbubble is a cloud shipping software for growing SMEs in Africa. Through Shipbubble, online merchants, marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms can connect to multiple shipping carriers worldwide from one API and dashboard.
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The Power of Automation: How AXA MANSARD Processes More Claims Faster and More Efficiently
AXA Mansard faced challenges in automating its processes due to unstructured data from Providers. For AXA Mansard, adapting technologies like the one Curacel provides has helped us to solve this and be on our way to unlocking the full potential of fully automating all our processes.
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Oze uses Curacel Grow to insure 100% of their loan transactions
Oze is a one-stop business app that covers a wide range of services including financial records, payments and loans. Oze has partnered with Curacel to secure credit life loan coverage for all businesses that take loans with Oze. Oze is based in Ghana and Nigeria and specifically caters to SMBs.
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OnePort accelerated their insurance process to stand out from the competition with Curacel Grow
OnePort 365 provides optimal freight solutions to Africa's traders including trucking, shipping, warehousing, customs brokerage & marine insurance. OnePort was looking to reduce the time spent in insuring customers and stand out in the logistics space and partnered with Curacel to achieve this.
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100% of customers insured and counting in less than a year- How Truq revved up insurance coverage for businesses on its platform
Truq is a 3rd party logistics company that uses technology to connect businesses and people to vehicles for their logistics needs. TruQ helps individuals and businesses find vehicles by matching them to the closest available driver.
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How AXA Mansard fully standardized their tariffs
AXA Mansard Health Limited is a major leader in Africa – a leading provider of Life and Non-Life insurance products and services. They are the Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) arm of the AXA Mansard group of companies serving more than 250,000 customers. The company has deployed state-of-the-art technology to attain operational excellence and prompt service delivery while overcoming challenges encountered in the Nigerian health insurance industry.
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