Grow Usage with Embedded Insurance for eCommerce

Curacel Grow enables eCommerce businesses in Nigeria and Africa to embed digital insurance products in their marketplaces and online stores to grow usage, revenue and customer loyalty.
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Embedded Insurance for African eCommerce business
Embedded Insurance for African eCommerce business
Insurance made easy for ecommerce and retail
We provide tailored digital insurance products to cover your business from the warehouse until you reach your target customers. 

We’ve also partnered with the best insurance underwriters across Africa and emerging markets to provide you with the best rates.
Why choose curacel?
Pan African Reach
Our expansive insurance underwriter network and infrastructure across Africa enables you to switch between African markets without all the hassle of finding integration and negotiating terms with multiple insurers or brokers in different countries.
Easy claims processing
With our AI-powered insurance management software, liability and 3rd party insurance claims can be submitted and processed in real-time making it easy for your team and customers to enjoy the benefits of their eCommerce insurance policies.
Customer Centric Approach
Our key focus is to ensure your customers' satisfaction and peace of mind. Our core business is in making your experience with insurance the very best it can ever be!
Liability Coverage On Any Platform
Curacel Grow offers your customers seamless insurance protection on any platform where they choose to interact with your business. Our embedded insurance API ensures that your eCommerce and online retail business can integrate insurance coverage such as Goods in Transit, Fire and Burglary, Vehicle Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Gadget Insurance, Credit Insurance against liability, theft and damage.

Our insurance claims process is also made easy so that you can submit and track claims all on one easy-to-use dashboard.
Embedded Insurance for African eCommerce business
Adaptable protection for company assets
We offer insurance protection for all your company assets such as vehicles, warehouses and even human resources. We also tailor our offerings to suit your specific business needs regardless of size and scope. 

Curacel Grow is structured to serve the insurance needs of any segment of e-Commerce and retail industries. Your customers can instantly include insurance coverage in their purchases on your website and mobile app.
Embedded Insurance for African eCommerce business
Easy Integration and fast Customer Support
Whether you’re integrating our AI-powered embedded insurance API or accessing digital insurance on our dashboard, Curacel Grow offers an amazing user experience and top-notch customer support. 

Our broad network of insurance underwriters across Africa and emerging markets means our insurance offerings are scalable as your business grows and expands across multiple markets on the continent
Embedded Insurance for African eCommerce business
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