Unveiling Exciting New Features: November Recap
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Faith Etuk
Unveiling Exciting New Features: November Recap

In November, we added some amazing features across all our products to enhance customer experience and satisfaction while ensuring our platform is as user friendly as possible. Find out the features we added.

Latest Updates on the Curacel Auto Product

Third-Party Purchase Workflow

We've integrated a new third-party policy purchase workflow into the Auto Claims product, streamlining users' access to third-party insurance. This enhancement significantly aids insurers in offering all types of motor insurance products while simplifying the process for users.

Guided Image Capture

Users can now effortlessly capture and submit required images through a guided step-by-step process. This streamlined functionality ensures that essential visual documentation for claims is comprehensive and accurately captured, expediting the entire claims journey.

OCR and Geo Location for Underwriting

We've successfully integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and robust Geo-location capabilities into our underwriting system to mitigate fraudulent activities and enhance the accuracy of our underwriting assessments. With the OCR technology, insurers can now say goodbye to false claims and reduce financial risks with advanced fraud detection capabilities which will allow for a seamless underwriting process.

Latest Updates on the Curacel Health Claims Product

Design Updates on the Insurer Portal

We have now completed the ‘Create Claim’ Page and the overhaul of the Insurer Portal UI/UX is still ongoing with visible updates already on the Claims and Piles List Page, We have now completed the ‘Create Claim’ Page. This improvement will aid easy navigation for our insurers. Every option like selecting care items, and treatment details, are readily available for easy selection.

Design Updates on the Enrollee Portal

To ensure all our Products align with the company’s brand and our product outlook, We have made UI/UX updates on the Enrollee Account Settings - Profile, Beneficiaries, Dependants, and Medicals Modules. This feature alongside the design updates on the insurer portal will not only make the portal appealing to our customers but will boost user experience.

Provider Categorization 

We implemented an advanced feature on our CVE engine that allows Insurers to categorize and regulate healthcare providers based on defined criteria. This system will enable the precise categorization of healthcare entities and impose necessary restrictions such as claims being received from the providers or allowances based on these categories. This feature was curated for one of our biggest clients, Jubilee Kenya.

We’re excited about the positive impact these changes will bring, and we look forward to continued feedback and collaboration.

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