What Our Customers Are Saying About Us: Curacel has helped save much time
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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us: Curacel has helped save much time

It has made my job very much easier and less strenuous than before.

Curacel Customer

At Curacel, customer satisfaction is a crucial part of our DNA. Because we are obsessed with our customers, we prefer to say 'Customer Success'. Who wouldn't like a customer who is successful because they use your product? And we are bent on ensuring our customers are very successful because of the benefits they got from using one or all of our products.

That’s why we've made it a habit to consistently check in with our customers and ask them how we’re doing. Are they able to get their most important job done, using our product? 

The feedback provided by our customers ensures we learn about which areas we are excelling in and stay pumped to keep delivering favourably in those areas. 

Are there areas they are not 100% satisfied with? We take the feedback and improve on them. At Curacel, we are always finding new ways to delight our customers to enhance their experience.

We are truly proud of the comments and recommendations from our customers. Who wouldn't be? Let's share some of their comments with you. Below are some of the results from the last survey for Curacel Health:


"Very efficient, prices are stated clearly with what have agreed, no room for differential."


"Very fast and time-saving."

Dr Eberechi

"Claims submission has been very easy with Curacel. How I wish payment can be effected same with the portal."


"It has made billing online less stressful and easy, but I recommend the Diagnosis axis to have a comment section where Diagnosis can be typed also so you the receiver understands the diagnosis in full and what the patient was really treated for."

Other feedbacks from HMOs and Health Providers:
  • Curacel has helped save much time.
  • It has reduced the stress of 100% to its minimum.
  • It has helped in submitting claims bills efficiently.

We appreciate all of the feedback from our customers. Delighting our customers is in line with our values at Curacel. 

Thank you dear customers for allowing us to become your trusted healthcare insurance technology partner, providing the needed infrastructure that enables them to work efficiently.

Curacel will continue to provide the quality service we are known for, delighting our customers.

Do you have any comments or feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us here.

Are you an HMO, talk to our partnership team on how Curacel can help you drive growth.

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