How Topship scaled their insurance distribution service with Grow
Topship is a Global shipping platform for African businesses that makes it easy for African businesses to export and import goods across the World. In 2022, Topship received over $2.5m in funding from YC and Flexport and currently helps over 1,500 merchants to move cargo and parcels from Nigeria to more than 150 countries. Over the past year, Topship has used Curacel Grow to process over a hundred policies.


As a rapidly expanding company, the main issue for Topship was having the technology to seamlessly provide insurance. Before Curacel, Topship already had access to insurance for its customers through a major insurance provider. The company realized they needed much more than just insurance but a way to provide it faster and on a much larger scale.


With Curacel Grow, Topship was able to simplify and speed up the insurance process without leaving their old insurance provider. Curacel Grow provided the technology needed for each customer to instantly get insurance at checkout.

“For us as a logistics platform, one of the major differences is the tech that we provide. It was easy for us to see the benefits of working with our insurance provider but through Curacel to make providing insurance to our customers easier.”


Since integrating with Curacel Grow, Topship has been able to process and generate revenue from over a hundred insurance policies - a number that would have been almost impossible without the Grow API. There is also much more business transparency as the company can track insurance numbers on the Curacel dashboard daily.

Working with Curacel Grow has also helped Topship get their pricing right in terms of what to charge for insurance, gain clarity on what is covered, and effectively communicate this to their customers.

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