How Curacel helps health insurers
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How Curacel helps health insurers

Curacel helps health insurers/HMOs to:

  • Collect Claims from all your Providers easily;
  • Start receiving claims immediately from about 400 hospitals already submitting to 5 HMOs in Nigeria;
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to the Corona Virus by limiting visits from your providers;
  • Detect fraud from submitted claims and block wastage & fraudulent claims;
  • Save lots of money by running a more efficient claims processing system;
  • Manage and assign claims to your staff to vet;
  • Let your staff work from home during this COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Automatically vet your claims with our revolutionary Clinical Vetting Engine (CVE), set up with your Underwriting and Operational rules;
  • Seamlessly integrate with any Software you use in managing your HMO;
  • Carry out Audit/Quality Assurance on the Vetted Claims;
  • Send Payment Advice to your Providers;
  • Manage your tariffs with your Providers; and lots more!
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