Meet A Curalyte: Meet Bright - Big, Bold and Customer Happiness King
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Meet A Curalyte: Meet Bright - Big, Bold and Customer Happiness King

At Curacel, we’re on a mission to use technology to drive up insurance inclusion in emerging markets. To shed more light on that, only 3-5% of Africans have a health insurance cover.

We have taken it upon ourselves to build solutions for enterprises and consumers to make a massive change in the insurance sector and drive up adoption.

Next up on the “Meet-A-Curalyte-Series", we are featuring Okolie Bright Hector,  Customer Success Manager Team Lead at Curacel.

You know how they say - 'when you keep your customers happy, they keep you in business?', Okolie Bright with his teammates makes it easy to keep our customers satisfied.

Okay, let’s meet Bright!

Hello, Bright. I think at this point it is safe to call you “the customer genie”

Well, I don’t see myself as a Genie because that will require me to grant only 3 wishes to the customers (Smiles). I see myself as an Ambassador, the one who flies the flag of Curacel high with our customers, and endeavours to leave a good taste in their mouths. Of course, I am supported by a wonderful team who make all of these happen seamlessly.

My team also acts as the support link between the Healthcare providers and Health Insurers, helping to clear up issues that might arise from their use of the Curacel platform.

What does a typical day in your position look like?

Well, during my typical workday, I lead my team to tackle various customer support related tasks. We also deal with a lot of customer data, so my team helps to format and analyse those data and enter it into the system.

I also oversee Ticket handling and find resolutions to issues our customers might be experiencing.

Among all the skills required in your field, we know empathy is like the holy grail because you obviously need to put yourself in their shoes to understand them and solve their problems. How do you stay patient and not burn out?

Yes, ( smiles) I must tell you it can be very frustrating at times. I do something I call ‘Reflective Listening’ - a communication strategy involving two key steps: seeking to understand the customer’s complaint, then explaining the complaint back to the customer, to confirm the issue has been understood. After this, I then proceed to profer a beneficial solution to the issues raised.

This way, we leave a good taste in the mouth of everyone who reaches out to us and ensures that they remain customers for life.

I also try to stay positive and active while doing my job, especially with remote work brought upon us by COVID-19. In between work, I stay connected with the team as well.

Do you think you could be doing something different at Curacel?

Well, I probably will be doing something similar to this. I love the fast-paced working environment that Curacel creates and love the direct impact I am able to create doing what I do.

How is it like being on a team, because at some point others might want to do things differently?

Well, I work with a team of awesome individuals willing to learn and relearn. We are all a cog in a big machine (Curacel), so there is not much room for lots of disagreement. We push each other daily to be a better version of ourselves. Everyone buys into the shared Curacel Values. I must say, they are awesome team members.

What do you do for fun?

Any Sci-Fi movie usually does the trick for me, any day, anytime! And oh!!! I forgot ‘party’. Party, party and party!!!

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