New Product Feature: The New HMO Clients Portal To Delight Your Clients
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New Product Feature: The New HMO Clients Portal To Delight Your Clients

As an HMO, your clients (not your providers) can now add and delete dependent enrollees for existing principal enrollees on the HMO Client Portal.

This new claims feature has been in the oven long enough, and we’ve consistently received this feature request from HMOs for - the ability of their clients to be able to add and delete dependent enrollees from existing principal enrollees.

What is the HMO Client Portal:

The HMO Client Portal is designed to allow an HMO's client - corporates, to perform specific tasks like adding enrollees, deleting enrollees and other functions that would normally have been done by the HMO.

This new claim feature will allow you to delight your clients and reduce time-to-value for them.

As an HMO, your clients - corporates, can now register their enrollees on the new HMO Clients Portal using the login credentials you generated for them.  

For instance, your clients do not have to send a list of their enrollees for you to upload on the claims portal. They can perform this task themselves, including 'edit enrollees details'.

These activities by the client are sent as a request (you will get an email or in-app notification) which requires you the HMO to approve or decline.

When you (HMO) approves, the new information entered by the client is updated. If you decline, the request is cancelled.  

For a client to access the portal, registration detail is generated by an HMO on the HMO's portal, which the system sends automatically to the client and you - the HMO.

With this detail, your client can log into the HMO Client Portal and carry out any worked out activities like the ability to add and delete dependent enrollees for an existing principal.

How it works:

  • Log into your dashboard as a client - (See below how to generate client login credentials)
  • On the dashboard, click on an existing principal enrollee either after searching or just from the enrollee page
  • Add/Delete a dependent enrollee under them (the principal enrollee)
  • Once added, a request is sent to the HMO to confirm.


How To Generate Login Credentials For Your Clients:

  • Log into the HMO portal (
  • Click the Client menu and the “Generate Credentials” menu item
  • You will be directed to a page to select a specific client from a dropdown
  • Enter the client email in the “email field”
  • When you’re done, click on “send credentials”.
  • The login details and link to the client portal will be sent to you as the HMO and to the client.

How To Approve/Decline A Request:

In your HMO portal, click the client menu and the Manage Request menu item, you’ll be directed to a page to see a dashboard of requests. When you click on the approve or the reject button, you will get a notification to either cancel or confirm. If you approve, the new primary provider should be updated on the enrollees' profiles.


Other Updates:

Changelog: New Released Product Feature and Update

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