Starting 2017 strong
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Starting 2017 strong

I started 2017 in a really good energy, from being very deliberate about what exactly I wanted to achieve this year and setting them down as goals and also aspiring to be much more than I am right now.

2017 is a year I’ll grow incredibly more than I have in any year in the past.

And my growth this year really have started with me part of the Dubai 100 program.

Dubai 100 is a business accelerator program for early stage digital health startups, where they spend 100 days refining their business model and growing.

I have met some really amazing founders here in the program with awesome products and services.

A little about them.


A smart nutrition service to provide specialized diet plans for pregnant women with diabetes.

Zoi Health

A Smart Health Coaching app that connects you with dietitians to help eat better, lose weight or manage diabetes.


A smart device for early asthma detection and monitoring for kids.


A service that uses VR to deliver rehabilitation programs for patients.

Modoo Med

A smart device that helps pregnant women to monitor their babies heart rate and movement continuously and safely.


A service that uses interactive games for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients with arm disability.


The world’s thinniest thermometer, that allows parents monitor their babies temperature through a mobile app.

Curacel Health

An offline-first web and mobile-based Electronic Medical Records software for hospitals in the developing world.

So the year is off in a good start!

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