Unveiling Exciting New Features: January/February Recap
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Unveiling Exciting New Features: January/February Recap

In the past two months, we added some amazing features across all our products to enhance customer experience and satisfaction, help mitigate insurance claims fraud and waste while ensuring our platform is as user friendly as possible. Find out the features we added:

Latest Updates on the Curacel Claims Product

OTP Verification for New Facial Capture:

This is a new option added to the Auto-preauthorization feature. This is an extra layer of security added to ensure images are not added without verification, an OTP is sent to the enrollee's registered phone number or email. Providers can also use this for enrollees yet to upload their images on the platform. This would help detect suspicious activities on time, mitigate unauthorized access, and adds an extra layer of authentication.

Benefit Overutilization Prevention:

Managing benefit overutilization is essential for maintaining the sustainability of insurance plans, controlling costs, and ensuring that patients receive appropriate and necessary care. Benefit overutilization involves the frequent use of medical services, such as doctor visits, diagnostic tests, hospital admissions, or prescription medications, often beyond what is medically necessary. Overutilization can lead to increased costs for insurance companies, as they are required to pay for services rendered. This, in turn, can result in higher premiums for policyholders or reduced benefits coverage.

In order to prevent overutilization of Enrollee benefits and ensure accurate real-time track of benefit usage, we have implemented a feature that allows immediate reflection of approved items on the Enrollee Benefit Wallet and a mechanism to retract unused PA Codes and returning the benefits to the Enrollee’s Available Wallet Balance.

Design Updates on the Claims Portal:

The overhaul of the Claims Portal UI/UX is still ongoing with visible updates on some modules on the Insurer and Provider Portals. This is an ongoing process because we keep making changes to ensure our users have the best user experience while on our platforms.

Latest Updates on the Curacel Auto Product

NIID Integration:

Insurers can easily verify the existence of a policy with this feature as it is important for the insurers to know the existence of a policy. To enhance underwriting security and combat fraud, we've implemented crucial security features and seamlessly developed and integrated an NIID validation API endpoint into the insurer admin interface. This allows users to authenticate policy existence just by providing vehicle registration numbers.

Garage Backend:

We've developed an interface within the Auto Claims product, allowing insurers to seamlessly interact with garages to facilitate efficient communication and collaboration on vehicle damage assessment and repair cost estimation in a more streamlined process.

Auto API:

We've developed a comprehensive API aiming to streamline the overall auto insurance processing experience. With dedicated endpoints, integration possibilities extend to both Pre-Evaluation and Claims procedures, providing insurers with a versatile and efficient solution for enhancing their operational workflows and customer interactions.

Motor Valuation API and UI:

We have developed two web scrapers and a valuation library designed to collect vehicle data and pricing information from various vehicle listing websites. Additionally, we've created an API to support a user interface for vehicle valuation. Our API is the best alternative and one common area of fraud exposure is usually the issue of vehicle and parts valuation. Currently, insurers have to either take a customers word for it, or they require additional services from garages, adjusters, etc. This gives room for price and value inflation but with the motor valuation API, insurers will save resources, reduce Turn-around Time(TAT).

Bulk Policy Upload

We have incorporated the capability for Curacel admins to upload existing policy information from insurers onto the Auto Claims platform. This enhancement facilitates smooth migration to the Auto Claims product and empowers policyholders to file claims seamlessly across platforms. Our client no longer has to worry about a break in transmission as older policy holders can file claims using the new system. This gives the client control over data migration with less technical hurdles or dependence on Curacel post deployment. 

Here's an explainer video for the Curacel Auto Product:

Latest Updates on the Curacel Pay Product

Audit Logs

Simply put, this feature allows admins view login actions. We have implemented an Audit Log feature on Curacel Pay. This is to help insurers to keep track of user actions like creating a payout or beneficiary or approving a payout with detailed time stamps for verification purpose.

Payment Requery

This feature would help speed up transaction times. It is an automatic job that runs every 10 mins to find payments that have been on the processing status for over 15 mins. This is to make an inquiry on the payment status if the Provider is taking too long to give a feedback.

Bulk Payouts

This is to help insurers facilitate multiple payment simultaneously hence improving efficiency and reducing administrative overhead. We have implemented and rolled out this feature on the Curacel Pay product.

All Payout Transaction View

This is a page where users can see all the transactions that have been carried out.  “All Payout Transaction View” feature provides a comprehensive overview of all payout transactions processed via Curacel Pay. This view is designed to give users, such as administrators or account managers, a centralized and detailed look at the various transactions associated with payouts.

An image of the 'All Payout Transaction View' page

Payout Report

This allows our users download a comprehensive report containing detailed information about payouts in a CSV format making reconciliation even more efficient.

An image showing where to click to download the payout report on the platform

We made sure each of these features ensure a seamless customer experiences when using any of our products.

To see how any of our products in action, you can schedule a demo or speak to one of our partnerships managers here.

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