🎉⚡ Providers and HMOs can now communicate effectively with the Chatbox
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🎉⚡ Providers and HMOs can now communicate effectively with the Chatbox

The Big One…”Comment allez-vous”

We are going Pan-Africa, starting with the french speaking clients - HMOs and Providers. And you know what that means - “lots of more opportunities”. We are creating multi-language support across all our claims product. [Our claims products]

What’s New?

We are creating multi-language support across all our claims product [Our claims products]. With the easy to use translation toggle, you as an HMO or a Provider can easily offer more people in more countries in Africa your services without the language barrier.

As an HMO user, having the ability to filter PA requests by a Provider can help you cut off the much trouble that comes with searching all data to find a particular Provider. We’ve made it easy to do just that. Log In and try it out.

  • That’s not the only feature we’ve made an improvement to. Go ahead and sort your pile list using the ‘Submission Date’, that is, the date a particular claim is submitted. Start sorting your claims.
  • In addition, as an HMO, you can now specify a gender limit for a care item.

What does this mean?

+ More partnership

+ Distribution opportunities

+ Easy expansion

+ Easy onboarding

+ Less barrier to entry

You know that time you mistakenly clicked something - and yeah, most time you’re unaware? We’ve got you covered like the Insurtech that we are - 'As a Provider, you will get a warning notification if trying to leave the claim form without it being Submitted or Saved. How to Submit a claim

Nobody Likes Bug!

No more cluster on your print form. Go ahead and print that claim with a new user and interphase experience.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you try to get a task done, and some blockers are stopping you. That's why we put all our effort to deliver the best experience.

We’ve fixed every issue you experienced using the following features:

  • Translations: this works better now. Every word on the Curacel app has been addressed. if you see anything, send us an email and we’ll fix it in under 2 hours.
  • When Reviewing care items on a claim, the “amount & quantity” anomaly you experienced has been fixed. We want you to always review claims with happiness.
  • Some Providers noticed when creating a PA request, selecting 'Required Service/Tariff e.g General Consulting' does not total its price, it remains on N0:00. Good news! You can now see your prices as you add your items.
  • The PA chat buttons are now perfect to use. No longer “Button too big” as some of our clients earlier reported.
  • Talking about the French translation, some of our clients gave us feedback and we responded by fixing it asap. The language selector now responds accordingly as it should.

Watch this one minute video and see how easy it is:


How To Use The Curacel Translation

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