Unveiling Exciting New Features: September & October Recap
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Faith Etuk
Unveiling Exciting New Features: September & October Recap

In the past two months, we've added game-changing features that will not only streamline claims processing, but also help mitigate fraudulent claims, improve user experience and decrease FWA (Fraud, Waste, and Abuse). 

Latest Updates on the Curacel Health Claims Product

Enrollee Check-in: Adding extra verification layers to help providers(hospitals) check in enrollees seamlessly was our top priority and we’re excited that we launched this new feature. The Facial Recognition biometric feature is an innovative and modern solution that offers a convenient and secure way to manage access and check-ins, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall efficiency of enrollees check-in at health facilities while reducing fraudulent claims. With this new update, hospitals can now verify enrollees through ‘facial recognition’. Insurers often lose money due to a lack of proper verification, this will help save money and curb fraud.

Auto Pre-authorization: An innovative solution to automate the pre-authorization process providing faster approvals and improved efficiency. In simple terms, pre-authorization means a quick turnaround on whether the insurer has agreed to accept the claim OR the process of getting payment approval from your Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) to obtain a prescription or treatment and auto simply means ‘automated’. The manual way to go about this could delay the process for the enrollee and in emergencies, could be fatal. With the new ‘Auto PA’ feature, it will take less than 3 minutes to receive authorization from the HMO before a patient is attended to. The long manual pre-authorization process which takes about 2 hours has been removed and replaced with faster approvals, improved accuracy, and enhanced customer satisfaction ✅

Latest Updates on the Curacel Auto Claims Product

Whatsapp Bot: We've introduced an interactive WhatsApp bot as an additional channel for policy purchases and claims within the Auto Claims product. This innovation addresses the issue of users needing to download and install multiple insurer-specific apps for policy purchase or claims submission and is a time-effective alternative as you’ll get responses in less than 20seconds. It also serves as a better option for those who don’t like downloading mobile apps and it saves time.

Latest Updates on the Curacel Grow Product

Unified Dashboard: On the Grow product end, the new Unified Dashboard feature keeps everything in one place. You can now switch between the live and test modes, check your product status, policy status, and orders all in ONE PLACE!! Our customers no longer have to use different URLs to view different pages as this may be tedious.

Partner Hierarchy: Do you have a vast network of agents and want to leverage on distributing insurance offerings? This feature is for you! It enhances collaboration as travel agencies, for example, can now manage their 3rd party insurance operation and drive revenue all in one place.

We are always here to empower you with AI-powered tools that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations and we’re still on the mission to drive up insurance inclusion in emerging markets and beyond.

We are happy to answer your questions on any of our products or on how to offer insurance to your clients. Reach out to us today! 

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