OnePort accelerated their insurance process to stand out from the competition with Curacel Grow
OnePort 365 provides optimal freight solutions to Africa's traders including trucking, shipping, warehousing, customs brokerage & marine insurance. OnePort was looking to reduce the time spent in insuring customers and stand out in the logistics space and partnered with Curacel to achieve this.
OnePort 365
West Africa

The Problem

In the freight industry, time is extremely important and each missed deadline results in very costly consequences for businesses. OnePort set out to find a partner to solve the challenges facing them when it came to insuring customers.

OnePort sought to get rid of the long and time consuming manual process of getting their customers insured.

“We thought, ‘How do we stop the old way of insurance where someone on our commercial team is calling multiple insurance brokers, getting rates from them adding it to a quote sending it to customers, then filling out paper documents?’ The goal was figuring out how insurance could take place in a few minutes vs days.”

OnePort customers and customers in the freight industry in general want options. They need to know that the insurance deal you’re offering them was carefully chosen and that they’re getting the very best deals. Contacting different insurance companies to aggregate deals was time-consuming and inefficient.

The manual process of brokering and closing insurance deals was time-consuming for the team. Freeing up time for the team to do other things was top of mind.

The Solution

Curacel Grow was the perfect fit for One Port to tackle all of its embedded insurance needs. Firstly, Grow helped OnePort digitize the process of sourcing for and offering insurance to its customers. Instead of approaching multiple insurance partners for each transaction, One Port has access to multiple insurance partners in an instant through Curacel and can leave it to Curacel Grow to sort out the brokerage process.

The manual process of sourcing insurance is also now a thing of the past. Curacel acts as a broker for OnePort securing the best deals for their needs.

“We used to be at the mercy of one or two companies. Now we can give our customers much more options. Our customers want to know that we’re giving them the best options and doing this manually would mean calling customers to show them the rates we’ve gotten and manually filling forms after they come on board. Now it’s automated and we can also get customer data”

OnePort has been able to digitize the whole process of insuring their customers, saving their team time. In the words of the team, insurance happens in minutes vs days.

With Grow, customers are able to view multiple options at checkout and aren’t limited to just one insurer. Customers get the supermarket experience for insurance and can easily add insurance to their purchase at checkout.


The result of integrating Curacel Grow has been clear- OnePort is now able to give their customers the full insurance experience in minutes compared to waiting days to be able to secure insurance. Curacel Grow has also helped OnePort secure brand loyalty and trust by showing that they care about the customer experience beyond just booking a trip.

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