Meet A Curalyte: Tracy Atomon, the Project and Implementation Analyst At Curacel
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Meet A Curalyte: Tracy Atomon, the Project and Implementation Analyst At Curacel

Yo! You’re welcome to yet another Meet-a-Curalytes blog series. Last month, we had a chat with Samuel Akpaniko, Curacel's partnership manager. When asked 'what's the thrill about life"; he answered - "Helping people, the less privileged, working with the elderly and children. I love that space, and seeing people smile because of your help or effort is golden."

Thank you Samuel for reminding us of our humanity.

Talking about humanity, let's talk about the woman (womanity for short 😊). To join the world in celebrating the IWD, we caught up with Tracy Atomon, the super-marvellous woman powering our projects and ensuring implementation is attended to with delight.

She shares her love for Curacel, the people of Curacel (we call them Curalytes) and why she would like to try the Operations Manager shoe for a bit.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Dive in!

Hi Tracy, could you tell us what excited you about joining Curacel?

I liked the idea of “insurTech” it’s not exactly common like Fintech and it got me highly intrigued as I would be able to learn about this work in this company and help push insurance using technology all over the world.

Is working here different to what you expected?

Honestly, Yes but in a good way. A good working environment where the entire team is dedicated to growing the company and personal career growth.

What’s your role at Curacel, and why did you want to join the team?

I am a Project and Implementation Analyst. Basically, stay on top of the projects and ensure that everybody is following the procedures and delivering on time.

I have always liked the documentation part of technology. I like to be able to write about a project’s life cycle, so it was the perfect team to get on board with.

Apart from driving all the project and implemetation analyst efforts, what else are you working on right now?

I am currently working on pursuing my master's in Information technology. 

How has working for Curacel enabled you to strive for more growth, academically?

One of the values of Curacel is to continually grow and learn. Understanding that no knowledge is wasted and that you have to keep learning throughout your career to keep up to date with the latest infrastructure and technologies.

How has working at Curacel changed your work and life?

It has made me more passionate and determined to ensure that both areas of my life are excelling

What is your favourite thing about working at CURACEL?

I like that the people are always willing to help with your problems, There’s always someone with a solution and nobody is hoarding critical information. It is good because they understand that roadblock for you might hinder your work deliverable and overall affects the company

How would you describe CURACEL’s culture?

It’s conducive, very work efficient and effective

If you could switch job roles with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

I would pick the COO’s role because I would like to get a feel for overseeing the general activities of the company. It’s a lot of responsibility and I would like to know if I can fit into it.

What does celebrating the International Women's Day mean to you?"

It basically means that women are being seen and appreciated for the work they're putting in to break glass ceilings and that regardless of position, class or power every woman is worthy of being celebrated”

Any final thoughts for our readers?

If you are an insurance company, partner with Curacel to drive business growth with its distribution, claims and fraud detection tools. For platform and technology product owners, you can start delighting your customers and increase revenue with Curacel. We always deliver.

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